Thursday, June 2, 2016

Zippcast Is Shutting Down, But Everything Will Be Fine.

Copied directly from my Patreon:

So in case you haven't heard, within the next few days, due to in-fighting among the creators, Zippcast will be shutting down. Trust me--I've already heard about it. I appreciate all of you who tried to warn me about it, but honestly...this is no big loss.

This is not like when Blip shut down. No one was expecting that, and everyone got the rug pulled out from under them at once. On top of that, I had a pretty shitty PC, so I couldn't hold all of the files I needed and had to transfer them to a hard drive. And as you know, it didn't work--a few videos, like The King and I and Sengoku Basara, I didn't get the full files for, which is why they're incomplete now. And will be remade in the future, trust me. But the Blipocalypse helped me learn. It made me back up every review I put out instead of deleting it (which I can do now, thanks to having a better PC), so I still have the files should I ever need to reupload them. Also, I didn't spend all of that time reuploading videos to Dailymotion for nothing--most of them are still there. Sure, some of them can't be--but that's only about 20 or 30 videos out of over 250.

Now, if you still want to watch the videos Dailymotion rejected, most of them are already on Google Drive, and I linked them in the descriptions of the trailers, my blog, and the like. A few of them aren't, like King of the Hill, but that will soon be amended. Some people, however, want to watch them on Vimeo. And the problem with that is, Vimeo, like Dailymotion, has an upload limit. In this case, I can only upload 500 megabytes of video per week. Which gives me enough space for two to three videos. So if the videos aren't there, chances are they'll have to be reuploaded to Vimeo bit by bit. In the meantime, you still have my YouTube channel or Google Drive. So I'd like to ask you all to please remain calm. I appreciate the messages, but begging me to reupload this stuff won't help get it done any faster.

Now, all that being said...quite frankly, Zippcast was never my upload service of choice anyway. Whatever you can say for YouTube, it works better than any other streaming service out there when it comes to actually playing videos. That's why no one wants to leave it, even if the copyright policy is utterly broken--which is the reason I can't upload everything to YouTube, as some people who aren't familiar with YouTube's copyright policy have asked me...quite a few times. Zippcast, on the other hand, may have been free from copyright problems due to having, you know, actual LAWYERS on staff, but in exchange they didn't have the coding or processing power YouTube's streaming app has. That's the reason why you often had to refresh the page or the video kept pausing to buffer. Sure, the people I interacted with on there seemed nice, but I kept hearing about Zippcast trying to get better, and it never actually did. I respect them for what they tried to do. Someday, there will be another site like Blip where critics can go. Vessel looks okay so far. But I assure you, until that day comes, I will always, ALWAYS find a way to keep going. Blip shutting down didn't stop me, and this certainly won't, either. So just do me a favor and keep calm and bear with me until things get better--alright?


Eli "The Cartoon Hero" Stone.