Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Cartoon Hero vs. Tokyo Ghoul

The Cartoon Hero vs. Tokyo Ghoul from Eli Stone on Vimeo.

Originally a Patreon request by Zenithwillrule. A rather well-received horror anime that the Hero...isn't too fond of.


  1. The relationship between the main character and his best friend is supposed to appeal to yaoi fangirls (like access/AXS's homoerotic gestures in the 90's and even now). I know about that because I'm sort of a yaoi/yuri fangirl myself. :) I am a lesbian and I think yaoi and yuri relationships are very progressive if they are not because of X.

    1. Speaking of yaoi, you should really check out Gravitation. I've heard it's a good yaoi anime. The music was produced by the main composer of T.M. Revolution (Daisuke Asakura).

  2. I think a better way for Kaneki to become a Ghoul Hybrid, would have been a series of coincidences instead of a moronic doctor. After Kaneki's date dies, a doctor (a surgeon) could happen to be passing by. He quickly figures out he has little time to save Kaneki, and in desperation, uses the Ghoul's organs to replace the ones Kaneki has lost, and is smart enough to produce an IV. From then, he remains a confidant to Kaneki, and one of his few friends. And the Doc himself is guilty over this, since he has turned this innocent boy into a monster, but reigns himself in to be there for the poor kid.

    Bonus points if he's played by Takanori Kikuchi, who portrayed Kaoru Kino in Kamen Rider Agito.