Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Challenge of the GoBots (First 5 Episodes)


Patreon Thanksgiving begins with...wait, seriously?


  1. Allow me to post a counter-argument: https://bwspotlight.com/2012/03/10/sns-presents-challenge-of-the-gobots-a-bw-video-review/

    I do agree with the naming problem (Tonka should have used a third party like Hasbro did with Marvel), but nostalgia or not I still enjoy this show. I even proposed in my review that Cy-Kill is better at his job than Megatron by comparing it to The Ultimate Doom, an episode where Megatron tried a similar plan. Cy-Kill didn't want to conquer Earth, just use it as a base to conquer Gobotron so he was prepared to blow the planet up so he could escape and land with his Zod armada. As for the "bellybutton" that was a feature on the toy, but in-universe Zod is supposed to be extremely powerful. It makes sense for the Renegades to have a way to deal with a rogue Zod. I enjoyed the review but I like the show more than you did. (Battle Of The Rocklords admittedly isn't very good.)

  2. I'm not surprised that Teen Titans Go is a Thanksgiving review, after all what's thanksgiving without a turkey?

  3. "Rebels without a clue" - Eli Stone, 21st November 2017.