Monday, May 7, 2018

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: The Jay Ward Adaptations

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: The Jay Ward Adaptations from Cartoon Hero on Vimeo.

Season 9, Episode 333.

Guilty Pleasures Month continues with a different sort of review on a series of movies...


  1. I think your powers blinked out for a minute there.

    Some kids channel played one of those new Peabody cartoons, and it just wasn't very good. As for Peabody being Sherman's dad, the first story does have Peabody adopting Sherman, I think the only episode that didn't involve time travel. It also showed the origins of the Wayback Machine.

    1. Yes Peabody adopted Sherman, but in the series it's mentioned at least once, Sherman is Peabody's pet boy. Also the plot is the girl who steals the Wayback is a bully Sherman fought back against and leads to the danger of Sherman being taken away.

  2. the 2007 george is a good show the 2016 show is so bad that that does who hate the 2007 show is better

  3. Thomas Haden Church has a magnificent range. Two years before George of the Jungle, he was in Demon Knight, which deserves major credit for jump-starting his acting career, and 10 years after the former, he was the MVP of Spider-Man 3. And of course, he's a laugh riot in both George of the Jungle films.