Friday, January 17, 2020

Patreon Request: Dave the Barbarian Review

Patreon Request: Dave the Barbarian Review from Cartoon Hero3 on Vimeo.

Originally a request by Tiara Hall. But no matter who requested it, I'm glad I got to talk about this show eventually.


  1. Not mentioned is how the intro changes what's behind the crumbling castle in each episode. I love when shows pull out changes to their stock footage or intro. It shows they're putting unnecessary extra effort but with something positive. This show really does deserve more attention than it gets. There should be memes a plenty around this show given the openings it has.

  2. I actually have watched this show. It really was as funny as you said it was.

  3. Such a kickass show with a kickass theme song.

  4. "Buh! Barbarian! Buh-buh-Barbarian!
    Dave The Barbarian! Huge, but a wimp.
    His sisters Fang and Candy, are a princess and a Chimp!"


    "Their mom and dad are the king and queen of Udragoth!
    They've left to battle evil, and now Candy is the-

    "Dave! Fang! And Candy!
    Brave and bold, they're not!
    They ain't the greatest heroes,
    but they're the only ones we've got!"

    "Buh! Barbarian! Buh-buh-Barbarian!
    Buh! Barbarian! Buh-buh-Barbarian!


  5. *Checks to see if it's on Disney Plus now*

    Damn it! Hey, I now remember The Weekenders exists. Wonder if...

    *Check Disney Plus again*

    Darn it!

    Yeah, this was a severely underrated show. I'd say that Disney should bring it back, but at the very least, they should put it on Disney Plus. I mean, they have every Disney Channel movie but not DTB? C'mon, Disney!

    1. Honestly, it ain't that surprising that Disney is keeping good shows under lock and key. It'll eventually create a strong demand, and folks will end up paying through the nose for 'em.

      Guess Syndrome is running the joint now.

      This is also the same company that pushed it's awful sitcoms in favour of Power Rangers.