Sunday, April 25, 2021

Patreon Request: Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Review

Patreon Request: Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Review from Forgotten Hero on Vimeo.

Originally a Patreon request by TheMovieCriticDude.  

A few years ago, I took a look at Hot Wheels: World Race (Highway 35) by the request of this same patron. But, can the series that followed that movie improve on it?

Actually, yeah. By a lot.

Oh, and in case you want to see my review of the original movie, here it is:

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  1. It's too bad it ended the way it did. Instead we got Battle Force 5 and I never cared for it. No, I wasn't comparing it to Acceleracers. I just thought the heroes were terrible people and didn't care about them, the threats were not on the level of the racing drones, and weren't interesting on their own. It's not the worse Hot Wheels series (not when Team Hot Wheels and the somehow less interesting pilot for Robo Wheels exist) but I didn't like it.

    Heroes On Hot Wheels I thought was pretty good and what little I've seen of the first Hot Wheels cartoon (mistake to make that show when toy-based shows were still against the rules in the 60s)seemed okay. So if I were to rank the Hot Wheels shows:

    Acceleracers/Highway 35
    Heroes On Hot Wheels
    plain old Hot Wheels
    Battle Force 5
    Team Hot Wheels
    Robo Wheels pilot