Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Patreon Request-Justice League: Doom Review

Patreon Request-Justice League: Doom Review from Forgotten Hero on Vimeo.

Originally a Patreon request by Jim Bevan.

A Justice League movie that's a treat for fans of the animated series, as well as a few others.


  1. Fun fact: In DC Universe Online, Batman actually did make a plan for if he ever went rogue.

  2. that ending with superman and batman is a fav

  3. That batman and superman ending scene is perfect and kind of needed since in the original comic no happy parting of the ways

  4. If I remember correctly the two bar patrons that help Martian Manhunter are his partner as a cop, and a girl who likes him. Also before the full Star Sapphire Corp was made, a jewel like that was the source of her powers. In fact it was left by the Zamazons.