Friday, January 13, 2023

Patreon Request-Catwoman: Hunted Review

Patreon Request-Catwoman: Hunted Review from Red Hero on Vimeo.

Originally a Patreon request by Jim Bevan.  Time for the first request of 2023! 


  1. I checked and yes Selina is bisexual. I look forward to your year end list.

  2. I think the reason Selina was so flippant about letting everyone know who she was is because her identity isn't really a secret.

  3. If Vince McMahon can be successfully sued and put out of power (even if only for four and a half months, then anything is possible.

    And what's the deal with Peterson? I read up that he's pretty conservative. So I know he's an old-age wanker at least.

    1. Peterson is the head of Focus on the Family, so he's a big supporter of 'traditional' families, aka 'don't be gay, and fuck you if you're a single parent.'

  4. 14:10: So that old man was Plasma Warrior Eitom? If he was, then he should have had the formula to batter the ladies.

    And it's nice to hear Kelly Hu voicing Cheshire outside of Young Justice. Her presence is a big indicator this takes place in the same universe. Also, Lian is alive and well in this continuity, so you're joke works well. Morbidly so, since in this continuity, Cheshire is more willing to die on a mission than to be a mother (though that's because she doesn't see herself as a good mother).