Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween of Heroes-Green Lantern: First Flight

The Cartoon Hero Presents Green Lantern: First Flight from Eli Stone on Vimeo.

Despite computer problems and moving to a new place, I still managed to get this up just a few hours late for Halloween! Let's see what it takes to stop a Black Lantern...


  1. Nice job, Hero :) and since I know you're an Ace Attorney fan as you think you'll ever do a review of it's live-action adaptation?

  2. I said I would on the first episode of the AA retrospective xP

    1. Ah yeah ^^; So, what did you think about it? I kind of liked it myself...I just wished it was an animated feature instead of a live action one honestly ^^; I think we would have gotten a more in-depth adaption of the game if it was animated.