Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Kill-La-Kill

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Kill-La-Kill by theherooftomorrow

The Hero finally tackles (one of) the anime that took the Internet by storm recently!


  1. I'm not a fan of Kill La Kill, because I'm one of those people who doesn't like overt fanservice, panty shots, and nudity. However, I've seen a LOT of hate for KLK on Tumblr, as shown here:
    And here:

    As someone who's been cyberbullied and verbally abused on Tumblr, it's pretty intense. But if you like it, that's okay. Your review was great. Also, if you do get around to reviewing Attack on Titan, you'll feel the same way about its dub as you do KLK's dub. I'm not a big fan of AOT, but the dub is amazing (even though scripting issues keep it from being the best), and episode 5's dub cemented Josh Grelle as one of my favorite English voice actors.

  2. If I may request you review these in the future:

    - Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns

    - The Ben 10 shows

    - Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.

    - My Bride is a Mermaid

    1. Technically, I already reviewed Mewtwo Returns in the animated sequels list. As for Ben 10--wait a few episodes.

  3. Also, I get that you wanted to avoid spoilers, but no mention of the greatest, scariest, fourth wall breaking-est troll since Deadpool, Nui Harime? For shame! XD

    1. Mostly because if I did mention her, it would probably result in a rant. I...don't like Nui, to put it mildly.

    2. That technically means you do like her, according to her warped logic.

      But seriously, not liking her is the point, and it means she's doing her job in the story exceptionally well. That's why I think she deserves some measure of respect for that (see also: Joffrey from "Game of Thrones", oh how I miss that horrific little bastard.)

  4. 2. The fanservice
    This is kind of a complicated issue to explain, because I don't think of the nudity to be just for perverts only partly.
    Seeing how the show is about clothing and Life Fibres & that the people behind it are more or less famous for making juvenile sex jokes in their stuff, I am not surprised about the nudity in it. And I don't even think it is (in the eyes of the creators) meant to be fanservice to jakc it off. For them it is often times just part of the joke. As in "look at those naked girls, isn't it hilarious"?
    But frankly, I would say no. Naked people can be all fun and so on, but the humor in nudity in my oinion comes more from the situation that leads up to someone losing its clothes and the reacton of others to it. Here, people lose their clothes (even if there is an explanation for it that makes sense in context) and we are supposed to think of people with Barbie anatomy to be funny. And then of course the fanservice aspect of it, with how "skimpy" the uniforms in battle mode look for a lack of better words.
    If the characters shall show a bit more skin, fine. I am neither an anti-feminist, nor a feminist, so I am rather neutral on the matter. But I have talked to a friend of mine what she would think of those outfits and her reaction was mostly, that it looks uncomfortable as fuck. Which just is it. The way those outfits look is not just ridiculous, it looks uncomfortable and visually unappealing. Which is a big problem for me. Well and of course the unfortunate implication that this is a show that rewards its perverts in the fandom by being totally okay with flashing the ass most of the time in certain ankles. While (as an artistic friend of mine explained) supposedly failing at basic anatomic proportions in those parts.

    3. The plot is pretty cliched
    Lets do a checklist: Villain with an elite four? Check
    Psycho Pink henchgirl of the main big bad? Check
    Connection between main character and rival villain? Check
    Heck, I came to the conclusion that the second half of the anime has quite some similarities to the overall plot of "Shadow the Hedgehog" of all things.
    And look, I don't consider a show as "bad" just because it works with tropes or basic plotline ideas I have already seen in other stories. It is just for something some people have praised as a big hit and something "revolutionary", showing anime has still in it, is just does a lot of things 90s comedy anime has done already. Heck, even the structure of the first three episodes is in my opinion reminiscent of how Anime OVAs were done back then. (for comparising, Benett the sage?) Ther eis also the problem, for a show that tried to be mostly parody, it took itself quite serious in the second half. Not Madoka Magica serious or NGE pseudophilosophical bullshit serious, but... well, the mind rape? The more or less serious pathos? The evil plan of the villain? What is it now, Studio Trigger? Do you want to make a straight comedyaction shwo, or just action with mild pathos?

    Last but not least, Nui. Oh how I hate her. If Mako is Pinkie Pie with fewer redeeming qualities, she is Cupcakes Pinkie. She is dull, boring, barely gets any comeuppances even in the end... frankly, she is the only character in fiction I would have no problem with reading a gore fanfic about. With her as the victim.

    I still will give Kill la Kill the following in the end: Ryuko (again) was likeable as a protagonist. I liked her design and general personality and I tink she would ahve made a better protagonist in another show.
    Senketsu had some pretty good moments indicating he was very loyal (especially the end), the music especially near the end was okay for my taste and the last episodes were tolerable for me. Also yes, unlike other stuff I have seen by those guys, that show at least had an ending that did not want to make you shout at them or bang your head against a wall.

    Still, personally I consider Inferno Cop or that Witch Academy short by Trigger to be way better.

  5. If I may be hoenst (and that is nothing against you) I don't agree with anything regarding the "good" aspects of Kill la Kill you mentioned.

    I wil give the show the following: Ryuko and Senketsu are likable in a certain way, but that in my opinion has more to do with the sort of character archetypes they embody. The other characters at least for my taste, not so much. Every character in the show comes off more like an over the top anime archetype than a full fledged character, which for me was in parts especially a problem with Mako or Satsuki. I can't deny that they have their moments especially later on in the show (avoiding spoiler here too), but frankly, nothing they say or do is in any way different than what I saw from other shows. Mako as you said is Pinkie Pie, although I consider that almost an insult to Pinkie. Pinkie can be calmer than Mako at some parts and the episode of her family wishing for Ryuko to be beaten up because their are tempted by a better lifestyle? I at least would have let those dickholes beg a bit more. Also, her gag of giving a rousing nonsensical speech at least for me good old very early on. Similiar to Satsuki's golden shine behind her.

    Which leads to the first of my three main problems with the show:

    1. Their attempts at being funny are rather dull.
    I get it. They want to be over the top action and make fun of many over the top moves and so on from other anime. But their attempt to do so is in my opinion by playing those cliches even more over the top and for the most part rather straight instead of lampshading them. Furthermore, the show lacks a certain amount of common sense to work with. Most of absurd comedy gets its humor by comparing the ridiculous situation to a certain level of normalacy you would expect. But Kill la Kill doesn't really provide a backdrop for "normal" behavior for the most part. Bottom line: For the most part the humor only builds up on ridiculous overacting (played straight) with not enough lampshadehanging and a lack of time for the audience to really comprehend what is going on, till the next over the top reaction happens.

  6. I am I the only one who thinks that Kill la Kill is very over-hated? I know it's because of the "fan-service" but have most KLK haters even know that the show is trying to teach that clothes are oppression and that nakedness represents purity in Japanese culture? Its also meant to be art, not just fan-service! SJWs should really stop bashing this show! They claim to be helping "social justice" but all they are doing is not beneficial to human rights and freedom of speech! If I was president, then I would propose a law that would make abusing freedom of speech on the internet (in general) illegal and that's what SJWs actually stand for. This is reason why I will never have a Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter account! Because of SJWs, these social media websites are adopting new policies to let people conform to their standards!
    In other words, I think Kill la Kill is overhated because of SJWs being offended by the "fanservice" while it is actually supposed to be symbolic!