Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cartoon Hero: Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Season 8

Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Season 8 by theherooftomorrow

Time to begin this year's annual self-flagellation...with a special announcement.


  1. If you need a name for the show, how about "Cartoon Critiques"?

  2. It'll be sad to see the Cartoon Hero's Reviews go Hero, you're one of my favourite reviewers, and you've come a long way since your first review. But you're right, a lot reviewers just up and quit, just like people or projects in any form of media, so at least you've got an actual ending in mind. And considering how things progress, it's a guarantee it'll be better than Super Mega Force, and make more sense than Dino Super Charge.

  3. Freeze's suit in "Meltdown" must have been the inspiration for the suit in The Batman. Speaking of which, Hynden Walch voiced Harley in that series, and does a better job than Tara Strong in my opinion.