Friday, January 16, 2015

Update: No More ROTC? And Video Delays

Hey guys. Now, it's been a while since the Tiger & Bunny review, and you're probably wondering why there hasn't been a new video. Some of you have also brought up that Rise Of The Critics seems to have been shut down, and as such all of my old embeds are gone. But have no fear--I have explanations for both.

First of all, the lack of new videos can be attributed to two things. I've come down with a case of bronchitis, which stubbornly refuses to go away even with all the medicine I've been taking. It's no picnic, and my voice is in no shape to record, though I have gotten better since it started. And second, I'm moving. Yeah, I brought this up on Twitter, but my mom lost her job a month or so ago, and she's only recently gotten a new one--but it's in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. I'll be moving there soon, so in the meantime I've done my best to grab the video footage I'll need for the reviews I have planned, but haven't been able to record them just yet. Rest assured that when I do, you'll be the first to know.

And yeah, apparently Rise Of The Critics' domain has expired. I don't know why, I don't run the site, it was just a place I could post my stuff at. But don't worry-you can still catch all of my backlog at

Zippcast has treated me well so far, though there is the matter of that grey bit at the beginning of videos. From what I can tell, the site has an issue with FLV files, and the creator assured me that he's working on fixing that. But I think that it's only a mild annoyance. Regardless, I still have all my old reviews, so whenever I need to upload them to a new site, it can be done. (With the exceptions of the King and I and Sengoku Basara reviews--apparently I wasn't able to grab the full files from Blip before it went down. Sorry about that.)

And that's the current state of my show. Hopefully, this'll clear up some of your confusion.


  1. It's okay, Hero! These things happen. Hope you get better soon!

  2. Little late, I know, but I really hope you feel better soon!