Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Arashi no Yoru ni

Originally a Patreon request by Garrett Castello. Also, this was originally meant to be uploaded Monday, but...yeah, I was home for Thanksgiving.


  1. Hey just curious, have you ever thought about remaking your list on "Top Bad Episodes of Good Cartoons"? I know you mentioned you don't consider some of those shows "good" anymore, so i'm really curious as to what an updated list would look like.

    Also why exactly was Eliza-cology such a bad Thornberrys episode? I'm beyond pissed that Blip did not allow you to upload the full video, so i'm curious as to why it was #1 on the list and if it would still be today.

    Would you remake the list if I pledged 20 dollars to you on Patreon? Cause i'd be more then happy to do so.

    1. Honestly...probably not. The first list wasn't really that great.

  2. I personally prefer Ringing Bell over Arashi no Yoru ni, mainly because it has better animation and what I feel is a stronger story that doesn't dumb itself down or mess around despite its other issues. But One Stormy Night does have its perks as well. I had no idea the so-called "fan dub" was recognized by the creators (But ugh! Mei's voice is absolutely terrible, and the person who did his voice can't act! What the heck were they thinking?!)

    @Venom: I saw the whole video before the Blip-pocalypse, and the reason he said it was a bad episode was that he said it has very insane logic that completely goes against the show's mostly realistic story in that apparently by giving needles to birds, the food chain will fall apart, which is complete and utter nonsense.

  3. Also, fun fact: Hiroki Narimiya, the man who voices Mei in the Japanese version, also plays Phoenix in the live-action Ace Attorney movie.