Monday, January 30, 2017

The Cartoon Hero Presents Kim Possible: So the Drama

So is the second Kim Possible movie any be--I can't even ask that with a straight face, OF COURSE IT IS!


  1. My only complaints of Season Four, besides the battlesuit, is that it could've used a little more showing of the relationship. Perhaps their in a movie together when Wade calls them or something. Also the fact that they could've gotten two season out of their Senior year.

  2. Thank you CartoonHero for doing a review on this movie. I LOVE this show and I particularly love this movie. Kim Possible will go down as one of the best Disney Original Shows of all time.

  3. Hey hero, your review of the Gurren Lagann movies has been taken down.

    1. From Google Drive, yes--but it's on Vimeo, so I replaced the embed.

  4. Give the last season credit at least for tying up the minor loose ends like Ron's ninja lady friend and (again) Ron not realizing she liked him (like the cheerleader in the early seasons). They at least made good use of the last season even if it's not as good as the rest.

  5. You skipped one of the funniest scenes of the movie, with Ron and Mr. Barkin. It's awesome. But, it is probably something you should see.

    Fun Fact: Jesse McCartney is the voice actor for Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in Young Justice. And he's really damn good.

    Also, did Rufus beat up that Mutant Octopus?