Monday, January 2, 2017

The Hero's Top 20 Favorite Voice Actresses

It occurs to me that I never posted this video here--and yes, the voice actors list has been filmed. But between various personal delays, and the fact that that list is going to be just as huge as this one, it may not be out for a while.


  1. Laura Bailey's range is AMAZING. None of those roles you listed sound remotely the same to me.

    Jennifer Hale, Grey Delisle, Tress MacNeile, Kath Soucie, Tara Strong, Cree Summer...those are voice actresses that are pretty much EVERYWHERE, it seems. Though I'm disappointed there's no Kari Wahlgren here, she's another one of the greats.

    Nui Harime falls very strictly in the "Love to Hate" category - you hate her, but in a way that is part of the entertainment of the show and you'd feel an emptiness if she was gone and no longer around to inspire such feelings of anger in you. It's a contrast to Ragyo Kiryuin, whom you just plain hate, not in the fun way.

    Um, that's a picture of young Tidus from Kingdom Hearts, where he was voiced by Shaun Fleming. Cree Summer voiced young Tidus in the original Final Fantasy X, where he had a different design.

  2. Coleen Clinkenbeard is a fantastic voice actress, but she sucks as Goku and Gohan. She can't hold a candle to Stephanie Nadolny or Masako Nozawa. She is much better as strong female characters.

  3. Jennifer Hale voiced Felicia Hardy at first. Felicia didn't become The Black Cat until Season 3. Or was it 4? She also voiced Catwoman in the video game based off of the ill-fated movie. But this gives her the unique distinction of being the only actress to have portrayed The Black Cat and Catwoman.