Monday, April 30, 2018

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Xiaolin Showdown

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Xiaolin Showdown from Cartoon Hero2 on Vimeo.

Season 9, Episode 330.

The Hero returns to a show from his past that didn't get the treatment it deserved. Wudai Reviewer, POST!


  1. If they used the five elements of Wu Xing, Ping Pong being the dragon of wood would make sense.

  2. Xiaolin Showdown was not only a fantastic show, but it's one of those rare shows that had a perfect balance between action, drama and comedy. Also, why wasn't Jermaine recruited? He had training from Chase Young, and was still on the side of good, plus there was stories that could be told from his inexperience and background versus that of his fellow monks.