Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Cartoon Hero Reviews American Dragon: Jake Long


Season 9, Episode 328.

Imagine...Dragons! As voiced by Rufio with pandering teenager dialogue!


  1. I must admit that the teacher reminds me more of Crocker from the Fairly OddParents as I'm more familiar with that show.

  2. Honestly, this was a good review! I just hope someday in the future we get a review of Juniper Lee that's deserving one big time. Seriously there's a petition going around on Change.org that's trying to get it back and I think it deserves more seasons to finish up the series in total.

  3. Im sorry but your critique of S2 comes off as quite nitpicky, most of the points you give especially the pandering part isn't nearly s prominent as you say it is, plus there's a lot of really good qualities to S2 that you failed to bring up