Monday, June 29, 2020

Patreon Request-Transformers: The "Return of Optimus Prime Trilogy" Review

Patreon Request-Transformers: The "Return of Optimus Prime Trilogy" Review from Cartoon Hero5 on Vimeo.

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Originally a request by Verdant Range.

It's finally time to talk about a series that's been requested a lot...though not quite in the way I would have wanted to.


  1. Talk about being tossed into the deep end, though I think they're good stories with the full picture. Dark Awakening and Return Of Optimus Prime benefit from past knowledge, like the Quintessons creating the robots that later became the Transformers (which is only used in this continuity since more recent writers prefer the Unicron/Primus origin) and that backstory.

    As far as Hot Rod/Rodimus there are fans who like him because of his indecisiveness versus the allegedly perfect Optimus (I can bring up plenty of examples to the contrary) but my problem has always been that he never grew out of it because deep down Hot Rod never wanted to be the next Prime. I think it would have been more interesting to have Hot Rod give Ultra Magnus the Matrix back and have his character arc dealing with his destiny and still have Magnus trying to learn to be leader. That could be me though. And I agree on both the season 3 intro and Lion's cover for the movie. Though if you came from Armada and presumably Energon and Cybertron you should be more used to Bumblebee's rename from the dead than I was as a kid. (Still don't know why Hasbro did that.) It happened often in the Unicron Trilogy.

    See, I can talk about my childhood shows without being an overly defensive jerk. :D (Still sorry if I come off that way.)

    1. I actually didn't see very much of Energon or Cybertron...and from what I've heard, that may have been for the best.

    2. It wasn't terri...well, actually it was terrible. However, there's only so much to blame on the creators. What happened behind the scenes for all three shows in the Unicron Trilogy (including Armada) would make it difficult to get a good show. There were some good ideas but between the rushing, the poor dub, not always being on the same page between Hasbro and Takara about the story, and the studio change for Cybertron the whole Trilogy was climbing a steep hill. I enjoy it for what it is and it does have some good moments but overall the kindest thing you can say is "it's still better than the Bay films".

    3. Cybertron's decent. It has it's problems, but some of the characters (particularly Bud, Coby and Lori) are endearing. Plus it has ONE HELL of a climax.

      As for quote of cinema's greatest heroes: "DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES!"

  2. What's with the muted dialogue from the characters? Is it a copyright thing? At least have some subtitles so we can understand what their saying.

  3. I actually sang the remix theme of the show. A lot looked at me strange when I did the "Ha! Ha! Ha!" back in middle school. Yeah, it wasn't easy for me to socialize a lot. Great review, Eli.

  4. wreck gar fixing up prime is not too surprising. in the '86 film, the junkions managed to fix ultra magnus, who had previously been torn apart limb from limb by the decepticons

  5. "Now light our darkest hour".