Thursday, January 29, 2015

Top 10 Dumbest One Piece Moments

Top 10 Dumbest One Piece Moments from Eli Stone on Vimeo.

Sometimes, even a series you love can disappoint you. These are my Top 10 Dumbest One Piece Moments!


  1. Love your videos! I liked the 4kids dub when it first came out, despite how cheesy it was, since it introduced me to such a fun series, but yeah, after awhile the jokes got worse as time past.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on Marc Diraison giving the best performance In the 4kids dub. He made Zoro my favorite character at the time.

    If you want to hear him as he should have sounded as Zoro, look for the Youtube video, If Marc Diraison was still voicing Roronoa Zoro... by Tr0waAyanami. It's scenes of Zoro with the audio of Marc as Guts from the anime Beserk.

    1. I actually like Marc Diraison's Zoro more than Chris Sabat's.

      Oh and they didn't remove Bellemere dying. They can have characters dying they just can't show it.

  2. Hero, you are NOT a Social Justive Warrior. SJWs preach about equality yet find everything offensive, even attempting to write adult material in a kids' fandom, and they lambaste people for not knowing things like triggers or trigger warnings. I got attacked by some SJWs--one of which was the author of a fan fic I liked--because I dared to put it implications of rape and victim blaming in a fan fic even though it wasn't explicit, and my favorite author wrote a 10 paragraph long rant about how I'm a horrible person who doesn't care about anyone but myself that I should have warned for triggers that my fan fic is horrible and ableist and that my fan fic should have been rated M blah blah blah. You're not an SJW, Hero. You're one of the most understanding people I know, and you find the good and bad in anything and everything you watch/read/play without letting some things kill your enjoyment of them. You deserve all the respect in the world.

  3. Oh my god, who is the dingus at 4Kids who thought that was a good voice for Sanji?!