Friday, March 18, 2016

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Hoopa and the Clash... by theherooftomorrow

Pokemon Month 4 continues with the latest Pokemon movie (as of right now).


  1. By the way, there is a reason stated in the anime why they went after the bottle and tried to give Hoopa it's power back.

    It's a STUPID reason, mind you... but it is, a given reason.

    They thought he could finally handle it.

    Yup, they thought Hoopa was mature and learned enough by now to handle it. Despite the fact that it was still clearly somewhat immature and hadn't fully learned the lesson it does in this movie, when they went after it, thought thought "Well, you're older now, I guess it's time."

    Well, it wasn't time. That was stupid, on their part, admisttedly. I guess they just felt guilty over their family taking away Hoopa's power and thought he deserved to have it back when it "learned not to overdo it", but Hoopa never really gave any indication it LEARNED this lesson, despite the fact that Hoopa had been nice for a long time, so i'm still in the dark as to why they thought their idea.. was a good idea, other than the fact they thought they owed Hoopa.