Thursday, January 12, 2017

Patreon Request: TMNT 2003/Turtles Forever Review

Patreon Request: TMNT 2003/Turtles Forever Review by theherooftomorrow

Originally a request by TheMovieCriticDude.


  1. So.. I have to ask. Are you not aware of the 1991 Live-Action Movie OR the original Mirage Comics? I ask because you completely omit anything from the movie that features nearly this exact interpretation of Casey Jones, that is thought of to be the definitive one, nor acknowledging that the Triceritons, the Fugitoid, The Utroms, this version of Casey Jones, and many more elements that you seem to give the impression that you think were all created for the 2003 series or something, all came from those Mirage comics you mentioned briefly at the start.

    1. No...the 2003 incarnation is really the only one I've seen, and forgive me if I didn't watch/read through the entire library of this franchise. I was asked to review this show, and only this show, and that's what I did. If the things I pointed out were in previous incarnations, good--but I reviewed only this one.

    2. Also for the record I thought Turtles Forever was fantastic, and I really do not understand how everyone overeacts and whines about it so much. When I see people complaining about it, I see disrespectful butthurt fanboys that are acting really petty and vindictive about what really came off to ME as a loving homage that also told the TRUTH about how goofy the old series was. I REALLY do not think that the potrayal as as off as people think it is. I think it was not NEARLY as much "off" as people think it was, and it's soley their fanboy nostalgia goggles doing the talking, not their common sense.

      I think a real, secure fan is someone willing to poke fun or see the flaws at even their favorite things or something they love when it's apparent, and would appreciate the loving, if not lighthearted and repectful jab at it's flaws, and appreciate the joke in good humor, which I think 80's turtles fans here were excessively butthurt and close-minded about to the point that they weren't able to do so rationally.

      I saw nothing but joking respect in the way that Turtles Forever lightly riffed on some of the sillier aspects of the 80's cartoon which really weren't THAT exaggerated if you take off the nostalgia goggles, and I think the hate for Turtles Forever many people have is petty, kind of ignorant, fanboysih and uncalled for. Just my thoughts on this.

    3. Apologies for some of the redundant or repeated sentences in some of my last post here. I was editing the post and some parts didn't get deleted the way I thought I deleted them.

    4. But the 2003 series did make their own changes from the original comics as well. Hamato Yoshi was never connected to the Utrom and Shredder wasn't one of them. The only real connection between the Turtles and the Utrom was that TGRI (the Utrom's "company") created the ooze that mutated Splinter and the Turtles. No fighting over Tang Shen or seeking vengeance. So it wasn't a straight-forward adaptation, even if more of the original comic did show up. And Casey was a little goofier than he was in the Mirage comics as well.

    5. As for Turtles Forever, there are parts I have problems with in that the original toon Turtles do come off goofier than the original, but overall it wasn't bad. And I like the ideas involving the multiverse they use.