Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Little Pony: Rescue At Midnight Castle Review

After Tirek's reappearance in Twilight's Kingdom, I go back to take a look at his first appearance in MLP Gen 1!


  1. That's not Twilight Sparkle, it's just Twilight...

    Charlie Adler did Starscream in bayformers, and Silverbolt in G1, and according to Buzz Dixon there were actually plans to have Transformers and G.I. Joe cameos in MLP The Movie, which would have linked MLP to the rest of the G1 Hasbro/Sunbrow Universe, which in spite of supposed connections to G.I. Joe, did not include MASK...

    And it's Hasbro's fault for not letting that cameo happen...
    But really, I'm not so sure I'd want that movie to be the aforementioned link...

    You must have gotten the version that was formatted as the 2-part pilot episode...the version I found was in the direct-to-dvd style format

    I'm sure G4 Tierk will return, and that's when we'll see Scorpan. Maybe we'll see Scorpan anyway, but who knows?

  2. Yay! You're still doing videos! Glad to hear it! I've been wondering where I could find you now, and now I found you again! (I'm Firechick12012, by the way)

    Great review! But you probably got the DVD version, which oddly enough cut one song out called A Little Piece of Rainbow, which is what the Moochick sings.