Saturday, July 19, 2014

Donate To Help The Show!

Hey guys--well, due to some recent events, I've fallen a bit behind as far as money goes. It's nothing dire--my computer needs some new software so I can keep editing, I've had a few issues with getting some review material, I'd like to get some better costumes and my previous try ended up losing me money for nothing--the usual stuff. Now, I realize that there are a lot more causes that are more worth donating to than mine, but if you have some money left over, instead of starting a Patreon, I think I'll just add a button so you can donate me money instead.

Now, don't think this is a "donate or I won't make any new content" situation, this is just me asking you to help me get out new content faster, and so that I'll actually have the funds to keep improving. And this is coming from a guy who actually has a 9-5 job now, so it's not like I'm not working to get money. I wouldn't ask you to help if I didn't need help. So if you can, donate whatever you want, because every little bit helps.

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