Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Reaction to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 4

The Month of MLP kicks off as I finally give my thoughts on Season 4!


And in case you need to catch up:

Reaction to Season 1: (Originally aired May 29, 2011)

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  1. Why didn't you upload this to Zippcast?

    Coco is probably so popular because of how freaking adorable she is.

  2. People sent death threats to the writer of Filli Vanilli? All based on Pinkie's behavior, even though it was made clear that her behavior was frowned upon? Jeez! That's more nonsensical than people sending death threats to Hideaki Anno for his decisions regarding Evangelion! But I honestly hated Simple Ways more than I did some of the episodes you hated, but I do agree with you on most of season 4.

    Oddly enough, I went through a slightly similar situation, but not nearly as extreme as this. I'm writing a Pretty Cure fan fic called Twilight Pretty Cure, which caught some flack because of the way I portrayed some serious issues such as bullying, which lead to some people accusing me of being ableist and offending them...even though...
    1. I rectified some of those mistakes later on.
    2. I made sure the characters in my story actually called some characters out on their behavior, though people seemed to completely miss that for some unfathomable reason. (Heck, I had an entire part of one chapter dedicated to a character being forced to see her school counselor for her bad behavior!!! How did people miss that?! If I really was being ableist, I would have the characters CONDONE that kind of behavior, NOT call it out!)
    3. I MYSELF AM AUTISTIC. Why in the wide wide world of Equestria would I be ableist when I'm autistic?!

    Granted, I have been trying to address their concerns in the form of revamping a lot of my old chapters, and some of the flack I've gotten has died down, thankfully. But yeah, sending death threats? That's just dickish, and I agree that some bronies shouldn't act like that. I HATED episode 18 of Sailor Moon S for the same reasons you hated Just For Sidekicks and the breezy episode, and I never sent death threats to the creators! I'm not that stupid! Great video, though!

    But my main issue with season 4 was that the aesops seemed confused in this episode, like I'm watching an episode and it looks like it'll teach a certain moral only for it to suddenly decide it's going for another moral which completely invalidates everything in the episodes, making it come off as confused or even forced. That was my only beef with season 4.

    1. That's the one where the Sailor Scouts and Mamoru are trying to get Chibiusa to talk about if she has someone she likes isn't it? I remember the scene where Mamoru takes Chibiusa out for dinner.

    2. I was wrong wasn't I? I mixed up S with Super S. You were talking about the episode where Chibiusa crushes on another kid in her art class.

    3. I was wrong. I confused S with SuperS. You're talking about the episode where Usagi butts in on Chibiusa dealing with her crush. It's also an annoying episode if you ship Chibiusa with Hotaru, due to the changes made from the Manga, since Chibiusa intended to give her completed sculpture to Hotaru.

      Though the episode I brought up (Episode 32 of SuperS) is also annoying. Episode 30 also has issues. As one of the commentators on the Sailor Moon Wiki pointed out, Helios' actions can be seen as extortion on Chibiusa.

      No wonder most folks ship her with Hotaru.