Friday, October 3, 2014

The Cartoon Hero Presents: The Secret Show

Today, I examine a show about secret agents...that sadly remained undercover for most people.


  1. what dont u like about dimothy dalton/

  2. Ahh I kinda remember this show it was on right before Kappa Mikey around like...what 11:30 at night. Do not remember a lot about it cause as I said I was just casually watching,while waiting for the shows after it. Course when I think of Secret anything its The Secret what a good show very underrated though,hidden little gem ...kinda like Time Warp trio. Only difference is well Time Warp Trio got cancelled halfway through a season....just when the overarching plot was kicking it. Sucks cause I was looking forward to seeing this time wizard academy or whatever Joe would eventually get into.

  3. I'll have to track down this show somehow. It seems awesome. I think I was aware of it back when it was on Nicktoons network, but I didn't actually watch it. Should've taken the chance to check it out.