Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let It Begin...

Let It Begin...

Well, I have to admit, this is something I never thought I would be doing.  I know other reviewers have blogs already, but I'm a member of four different sites at the moment, and that's only counting the ones I actually post the videos to.  Up to now, I figured that I could get by on posting video links on YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook and a few other sites, but I've finally decided to cave in and get my own blog site.

I'll be posting all of my videos here shortly, mostly as the Hero and maybe the side reviews as well, but since that's 100+ episodes worth of content at this point, it just might take a while.  Keep it here for updates!

Oh, and if you have some spare change, you can directly donate to the show here:

Of course I'm not charging you for content, but it does help keep the show going.

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