Thursday, January 7, 2016

Doug TenNapel Month: An Introduction

Before I start this month of Cartoon Hero reviews, there's something I need to address...

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  1. Well said. I'm another individual who likes the creative output of TenNapel but not his politics, and I think you've nicely summed up why I can continue to enjoy his works despite being bothered by his views. They don't make it into his works much, if at all, and the Christian themes that pop up in, say, The Neverhood are clearly not evangelical; merely artistic.

    I actually quite enjoyed Armikrog, and I'm not too certain why it's been so bagged on by some people. There was one puzzle in it that was repeated and admittedly annoying, but they patched that one to be much less of a drag. My biggest problem with Armikrog was actually in the game's Hall of Records equivalent--the text was kind of terribly edited and full of mistakes, which was sad, since I liked the story. But maybe it's a changing-tastes kind of thing...