Thursday, January 7, 2016

Patreon Request: Totally Spies the Movie Review

Patreon Request: Totally Spies The Movie Review by theherooftomorrow

Originally a request from TheMovieCriticDude.

I think the "Smooth Criminal" joke I make here might be one of my favorites.


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  2. I've seen this movie and I thought it was decent even though it felt like the animators and director for this movie were on drugs while they made this.
    Is it just me or does Fabu kind of resemble a certain Japanese visual kei star?

  3. I can think of many ways to fix this movie. Jerry could be genuine with his voluntary offer, and the girls sign on themselves after realising something is up at their school, when everyone is getting the Fabu makeover. Also, no threats about wiping their memories, and they send the girls back an forth with at least a little modesty. Heck, Jerry could even send them warnings about what's going on, since they are potential agents. Tad could take up a reluctant mentor role, and grow to like the girls, and sacrifices himself to save them in the end, which would add a lot of weight to their backstory. OR, if you really want the traitor angle, he could turn out to be Tim Scam, and there you have the origin story of their biggest foe, plus his origin was vague enough so that it could fit in here that way. And, you could do it without the girls knowing, in order to fit in better, and them not knowing could just be coincidental, since Scam was planning to take over WOOHP, and their fight could take place back at HQ. And, the HQ should be redesigned, because it looks more like Season 3 onward, when it should look like how it was in Season 1, since this is the origin story. And a further point on the Tad's sacrifice route, he could be the one to beat Fabu, since the girls are still inexperience, but they could work together to stop the missile. And they could set up individual tests for the girls, and one for them all together, and be secretive, and less destructive for that matter.