Monday, April 18, 2016

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Code Lyoko

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Code Lyoko by theherooftomorrow

Join the Hero as he journeys back to a time when Cartoon Network thought weird mutants could replace Toonami!


  1. The thing about this series that always made it stand out to be was how MENACING Xana was. I know I'm pretty alone in this belief, but I actually LOVED how little we knew about Xana in the first season; it made him all the scarier to me. He wasn't a small-potatoes kind of villain; his plans were always very genuinely menacing and big in scope, and he always did significant damage before things got reversed. In terms of his successes, there was also the fact that he made it actively dangerous for the Lyoko Warriors to return to the past at one point, since every reset increased his strength and helped cycle out that plot point.

    Jodi Forrest isn't the only Beyond Good and Evil voice actor to have a role in this show, either--Pey'j's voice actor, David Gasman, was the voice of Jim AND William (now that's some range).

    "You went to another planet once, Jim? AND you were a pig?"
    "I'd rather not talk about it."

  2. I would like to see your thoughts on Rapsitte Street Kids: Believe in Santa. That's like the worst christmas special I've ever seen! The CGI is very terrible and most of the music sounds like it came straight from Calliou! It's worse than The Christmas Tree and Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer! Little-bit-known fact: It was so bad, it was lost for almost 13 years until some guy posted it on Vimeo!
    The Cartoon Hero VS. Rapsitte Street Kids: Believe in Santa

  3. Great review of a great show (and thank you for slamming "Evolution", it was a horrible idea that can not BE slammed enough.)

    Two quibbles, though...

    1. I would have liked you to mention the supporting cast more, especially how many of them (Sissi, Jim, those nosy reporter girls, Yumi's little brother) start off as jerks or nuisances but actually get development as the show goes on and even WITH the constant returning to the past they're better people and friendlier with the heroes by the fourth season compared to the first (Sissi and Jim in particular are favorites of mine.)

    2. You got confused, William is NOT Odd's cousin. AELITA was POSING as Odd's cousin in order to attend the school, William was just a transfer from another school and it was implied he was kicked out of his old school because he got into a fight over a girl he liked since he becomes obsessive over romance.