Monday, April 25, 2016

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Summer Wars

The Cartoon Hero Presents: Summer Wars by theherooftomorrow

Time for the Hero to review one of his favorite films again--yep, grab your popcorn, because this is gonna be a long one!


  1. I have a lot of strong feelings about this movie. Almost as much as the movie, I remember the way in which I saw it--my best friend wanted to show it to me, but we ended up having a huge fight the day he wanted to show it to me. I almost didn't watch the movie because of it. But we made up, and I ended up watching it anyway. Good thing, too, because it IS awesome. I've always liked the English dub of this movie. It sounds a lot more smooth and natural than a lot of anime dubs, for which I give the VAs mad cred.

    On the subject of requests, a question for you: I can't afford to donate monthly right now, but I do have a little bit of "fun money" at this point in time. Would you be willing/able to do a request for a one-time donation? Also, would you be willing to review two movies at once (or in closely connected episodes) as a compare/contrast kind of thing?

  2. You don't have to donate monthly for a request, just a one-time payment of $20. Like, pledge $20, but after the first of the next month when you actually pay, you can cancel the pledge. Or you could just donate it once, as you want to. And sure, I guess I could do that, even if it'd be different.

    1. Ah, thank you! I've never done Patreon before, so I was worried that it would require some monthly donation to start. Unfortunately, I can't donate right now due to having to cancel my credit card since I lost my wallet, but as soon as I get my new one I plan on donating!

  3. Hate to be little miss nitpick, but you got Takashi's actor wrong: Todd Haberkorn voices him. Maxey Whitehead voices Kazuma Ikezawa.

    But other than that, what an awesome review! Summer Wars was definitely the movie that got me interested in Hosoda's work. Glad to see you like it! I do, too! Also, the dub is amazing.

  4. Have you ever seen The Legend of Sarila? It's a good CGI Film that has the stain of being initially titled as Frozen Land when released in the U.S. Despite that it might be a good film to check out.