Friday, August 2, 2013

The Cartoon Hero's Gonzo Month: Rosario+Vampire Part 2

Originally aired March 18, 2013. I still like this review, but DAMN, it had issues. From the shakycam which I still didn't know how to fix, to the quality dropoff halfway through because my software adamantly refused to save came out as a bit of a mess. But I still think I got my feelings across pretty well.

Cartoon Hero's Gonzo Month: Rosario+Vampire Part 2 by theherooftomorrow


  1. That girl hugging Yukari kinda looks like Seiya from Sailor Moon.

  2. It would have made more sense if there were consequences on Moka in pulling of the Rosary the way she did. Something like, an extended absence of it's presence leaves Moka catatonic or paralyzed, or even comatose, with her father needing her to remain under his thumb for a plan, or a sacrifice, or something that lead to a more interesting climax at least!