Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 13 Most Disturbing Moments in Non-Horror Cartoons

Originally aired October 30, 2012. This list turned out well, but it was hell to put together--I'm actually pretty lucky I got it out the day before Halloween.

Cartoon Hero: Top 13 Most Disturbing Moments In... by theherooftomorrow


  1. Actually, "Haunted" takes place in Season 3. Robin beat Slade in combat in Season 1's finale, and Slade was killed during the Season 2 Finale. Also, Robin created the Red X persona, and it was the unknown thief who impersonated Robin as a result.

  2. A good suggestion for this list in my opinion, would be the three parter "The Alien Costume" from Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

  3. I found "The Puppetmaster" to be a Hell of a lot more disturbing.