Friday, August 2, 2013

Top 10 Cartoons I Hate That Everyone Else Loves

Originally aired February 15th, 2013.

...I really don't know what else to say at this point. This video's been talked about up and down. There are some who consider this video to be my Bart's Nightmare Let's Play, others have called it underrated. At this point, I'm really not sure who's right. I know the list is flawed, sure, but it seems that no matter which side I take, I'm not going to come out of this unscathed. So you know what--I'm just gonna post it right here, and wait out the results. For good, or for ill.

Top 10 Cartoons I Hate That Everyone Else Loves by theherooftomorrow


  1. 30:22- 31:38 That I will admit is a nice thought provoking quote.

  2. A cartoon that I hate but everyone else likes is The Simpsons
    It is the most overrated cartoon of all time in my opinion.
    Seriously, I think it needs to get cancelled already because every episode is bland to me and some of the jokes are very offensive.

    1. Also, for #8, I've never seen Ruonin Kenshin (and I never will) but I totally agree with you that Heart of Sword is awesome because of T.M. Revolution! He's my favorite musician of all time and his songs make even openings and endings from anime I'm not interested in amazing.
      P.S. T.M.R. also voiced Miguel and Heine in the original Japanese dub of Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny, two criminally overhated anime (at least in my humble opinion).

    2. If you find The Simpsons offensive mate, then Family Guy and South Park would probably give you multiple heart attacks.

    3. I also don't like Family Guy and South Park for the same reason.
      Most cartoons nowadays are terrible in my opinion though. I'm glad that I watch mostly anime, Tom and Jerry, and Kamen Rider instead.

  3. This definantly isn't you're Bart's Nightmare Let's Play, Hero. It's a damn fine list compose of your own personal beliefs and feelings. Be proud. Also, you've been called out for "daring", to make fun of Elfen Lied? If that's you're opinion Hero, then that's you're opinion. Naturally there are gonna people who feel the opposite, but they're pretty damn immature for doing so.

  4. 10: I'm never going to watch this show. I've already seen the DCAU, and the likes of Young Justice. Fun Fact: Wendy and Marvin were actually in Young Justice. They were very minor characters and did little in the overall story.
    9: This seems like something I would have fun watching. Sheen is a character I say is best in small doses. Like Kronk.
    8:If I ever watch this Anime, I'll skip as much of the filler as I can. But I've begun collecting the Manga, though I've only got 1 Volume so far.
    7:I used to watch and liked this show. I just gradually stopped watching it over time. And considering it's current quality, I won't go back, and I prefer storyline-heavy, and serialised series'.
    6:I freaking hate Cartman. Because of that, one of my favourite episodes is The Dog Whisperer, since it was basically torturing Cartman. But he won out the end though. I agree with you on the music, and my favourite episode is also Good Times With Weapons. Hell, Cartman ends up blamed for everything in the end too, and he doesn't get out of it.
    5:I still like it, but I completely agree with you on it's downgrade in quality.
    4:With how long it's been running, I will probably not get into Detective Conan. But I think I could use that premise in a FanFic. That will require looking into the series though. Still, I'll get something better out of it.
    3:I used to like this show. But with how offensive, disgusting, morose and mean-spirited this show is these days however, I will never give it the time of day. I despise it, and Seth MacFarlane.
    2:I watched this with my friend one day. He showed it to me, and it was my first time, and it seemed good. But after hearing you lay it out, my opinion of it is close to that of Family Guy. My Mom originally despised it, and forbade me from watching it, after seeing that Pinocchio scene. God Bless her, she was right.
    1:I'm willing to give it a chance, since the Manga was written by a writer I like: Lynn Okamoto. And my friends give me it as a recommendation. But whoo-boy, does it look gratuitous. So I'll go into it with my brain turned on. Besides, whether I like or dislike it doesn't change my opinion on anything else. I still have great series like Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball, Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man, Avatar, Megas XLR, Samurai Jack, Pokemon, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Spider-Man The Animated Series, The Incredible Hulk The Animated Series, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The DCAU, Teen Titans, and so on so forth.