Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Next Cartoon Hero Reviews

I'm currently moving, so there's not a lot I can do except give you a list of what's to come.

First, I'm currently working on the first part of what I like to call "Trials And Tribulations: An Ace Attorney Retrospective." As you can probably tell, my first big project will be taking a look back through a series that's still underrated despite being Capcom's 11th best-selling franchise of all time, hopefully introducing some of my fans to the series I've grown to love. Much like Linkara's History of Power Rangers, this'll be produced in conjunction with my Cartoon Hero reviews, and as such there'll be no set schedule. If it's any consolation, the first three videos (two to cover all the cases in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and one to sum up my thoughts on the characters and the game as a whole) will probably be about an hour and a half in total, so yeah, that'll give you a lot of content to watch. I plan on watching each game a little at a time during each week, so hopefully that'll allow for parts of the series to come out more often, but I make no promises.

But that's not the only review you'll get before the next Cartoon Hero season. As I've said, since MLP season 4 is still on the way, I figured I'd do something that people have been requesting that I do and review Equestria Girls. I have the script written, and I'll start filming as soon as I'm moved in.

After that, I've actually got most of the schedule for Season 5 of the Cartoon Hero planned out, but I figure showing you the next two months' worth is plenty.

August 26th: Top 10 Animated Sequels

September (Animal Month)
September 2nd: Robin Hood (Disney)
September 9th: El Arca
September 16th: Loonatics Unleashed
September 23rd: The Art of Gaming: Solatorobo
September 30th: Ookami-San

October (Halloween Of Heroes)
October 7th: Hellboy: Sword of Storms
October 14th: Superman vs. The Elite
October 21st: Hellboy: Blood and Iron
October 28th: Green Lantern: First Flight

And that's all I'll show for now. Hopefully that's enough to whet your appetite!

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