Saturday, August 3, 2013

Top 20 Teen Titans Episodes

Originally aired July 1st, 2013. And with this last summer top 20, my blog is fully caught up! It took me several weeks to get this far, but we're all updated now! Expect the next post to appear on my blog at the same time as the other sites.

Cartoon Hero: Top 20 Teen Titans Episodes by theherooftomorrow

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  1. I think a way to fix Mother May-Eye, would have been to split the focus between the Titans and the Hive-Five. The Hive-Five find out about this, and despite their antagonism towards the Titans, they don't wan't them to be defeated like this, and they wan't to be the ones who defeat the Titans. So they scheme to sabotage Mother May-Eye, and after she's beaten, they'll pretend to steal the pie so Mammoth can eat it. But the episode will end with Gizmo blowing it up with either a bomb, or some sort of laser cannon.